Passive jumping, consists in jumping without hitting. This has two advantages: when you make a move while jumping, your character's hitbox (the space he occupies on the screen) is much larger. Not hitting allows you to occupy a minimal space, and thus to make certain attacks fail when the range of the latter is not sufficient. But above all, when you perform an Empty Jump, the landing is not at all the same. This means that you don't have to recover from your jump when you land, and has several practical applications. More information below. Note: unlike Safe Jump, you can find interest in performing empty jumps at any time in the match, not just when jumping on a downed opponent.


The end of a move or attack that can put a fighter at a disadvantage, the fighter slowly or quickly moves from the position of an attack to the starting position before sending a new attack (examples of this are Jab, Special Attacks and Heavy Hits, which range from a minimum of 8 frames to a maximum of 23 frames or more depending on the fighter).


A match in which a set number of opponents must be defeated with a single life bar by the player. These matches are similar to Survivals Matches, in which a player must defeat as many opponents as possible before their life bar drops to zero (with the timer resetting with each new combatant) or Time Attack Mode, where the player continues to play before the timer reaches zero or their life drops to zero. Unlike these two modes where matches are played in one round, Dramatic Endurance Matches are usually played in three rounds. A Dramatic Endurance Match is a match that combines elements of both Dramatic Battles and Endurance Matches. Mortal Kombat introduced this type of match, you had to win three such matches (i.e. one character for you against two characters for the computer) before you could challenge the boss.


A special technique in which you invest more resources (bar) in order to get a version with more damage and/or advantages for the player. It is also called ESpecial Move, EX Move or ES Move. The advantages provided by these attacks can be very varied, such as the possibility to continue with a combo that is impossible or more difficult to perform under normal circumstances, armour or even invincibility on certain frames of the attack, executing the technique more quickly, making it harder to anticipate and counter, etc. These mechanics first appeared in the Dark Stalkers series and are now found in most fighting games.


Specific to the Street Fighter IV series, an EX focus allows you to cancel a special attack with a Focus Attack, at the cost of two bars of the Super Combo gauge.


A more powerful version of a special move, which usually requires a portion of the power gauge.