In the Street Fighter series, or the Capcom six-button fighting games, the jab is the light punch (LP).


Combo whose particularity is to hit on the fly (while in the air) an opponent thrown by an attack that has hit him.


Classic jump, usually activated by pressing the up direction.


Exclusive to the Guilty Gear series, this aspect of the game was initially a bug, before becoming one of its mechanics. The idea is to press a high direction (high, high-front, high-back) during an attack that can be cancelled by a jump, and then cancel that attack by another attack, before the jump starts. The game then considers the attacker to be in the air. At the end of this attack sequence, if the attacker ends up in the air after a hit that would not normally allow him to act again before he hits the ground, he will still have the options of a normal jump, such as double jump or air-dash.


Perfect Impact, also called Red Impact, because of the red flash visible on success. The 6G or 3G command must be performed at the exact frame the opponent is to hit. Gives the successful player frames of advantage and damages the soul gauge the more powerful the repelled attack is. Can technically repel all attacks in the game (including holds and unstoppable attacks).


Perfect Ukemi. When falling to the ground (KND), the G command must be performed at the very frame where the character touches the ground. Allows to avoid certain Tech Traps.