Releasing a button instead of pressing it to launch an attack. Most Capcom fighting games use this mechanic to launch super or special moves. Some of them also allow you to perform grabs this way.


Combines with Frame Advantages. It is only when both players have the same number of recovery frames that the "Neutral" option is used.


A situation in which neither player attacks or defends, as at the beginning of the round. This term usually emphasises the fact that at that moment neither player has the advantage. During the neutral game, players usually try to either dominate the space to prepare for their next attack, or to approach safely to put the opponent under pressure.


A normal move, or normal attack, is an attack performed by pressing a single button, without touching the joystick and usually without being in the air. They are the most basic form of offense in fighting games, being generally the lowest damage moves a character has while needing to be close to the opponent. To compensate for this, they are usually very fast. Being the basis of any offensive or combo, they benefit from certain mechanics like Cancel, Hunter Chains and 50/50.