Symbols found in Capcom games, representing different types of victories.


A situation in which a player can continually force his opponent to make a bad decision, because of a given combo or situation. This usually happens after a reset, or a heavy grounding, which forces the opponent to guess where he should block on his lift: up, down, left or right. Originating from Marvel vs Capcom 2, where player Michael "Yipes" Mendoza used it with his Magneto/Psylocke team (video here), then popularised in Street Fighter IV where Akuma, Cammy and Ibuki could also do it. You can't react to a wormhole (either because it's too fast, or because there are no visual clues as to the direction of the next move) forcing the defender to piffle his defense, a bad response making him take damage and return to the initial situation, until he chooses the right option.