Making the break between games last to disrupt the opponent and break their concentration, as well as their winning momentum. One of the most recent examples is during SonicFox's victory over Go1 at the 2018 EVO on DBFZ, where the American had requested a side change after Go1 had beaten him in the Grand Final, which reset the bracket (Go1 was from the Loser Bracket).


A combo that can be repeated ad infinitum until the opponent is knocked out. Infinites are generally impossible to counter if done correctly, unless you have a special mechanic like the Burst in the Guilty Gear series. Infinites are often synonymous with Touch of Death, and are not always deliberately incorporated into a game by the developers.


The combination of keys required to perform an attack.


The time between the moment a player presses a button and the moment the character begins the action commanded by the button.


The use of a blow or move immediately after jumping. This can sometimes give the move an extra effect, or make it come out faster, but generally the main advantage is that it is always close to the ground.


In games where it is possible to dash in the air, such as in the Guilty Gear series, it is possible to enter the top-front, neutral, front controls to do an air dash very close to the ground, which is called an Instant Air Dash (IAD). It is usually possible in the opposite direction to do an Instant Air Back Dash. These actions are combined with other movement options to manoeuvre around the screen.


Also called "custom over-head", a low guard breaker that starts at the beginning of a jump.


Some attacks have invincible frames (sometimes called i-frames) for the duration of the attack. During these frames, any attack will simply pass through the player, without doing any damage or triggering a hit-stun. The difference with Super Armor is that here, the attack is considered not to have hit, whereas with Super Armor, the attack hits but is absorbed. Depending on the game, an attack on an invincible enemy can still be considered to have hit, to use a cancel. In the Injustice series, a normal move can be cancelled and turned into a special move, but only if it hits or is blocked (the cancel cannot be performed on a whiff). In this series, if a normal move makes contact with an opponent during its invincibility frames, it can be cancelled and turned into a special move even if the normal move did not inflict damage or trigger a hit stun.